The Brandon Sills Project

this place is updating, bear with it.

Most of the data is there now…

Or at least the pages are.

I’ve put in a good amount of time while in Kansas to update this website and give it a new look/feel.  It wasn’t entirely grueling or tedious, but the work to me I think pays off.

So each main button, and sub-menu buttons go to where they need to.  I still have some tweaking to do with the galleries, but I can guarantee you by the end of the week, with what time I put into fixing this thing up, it should be at least 90% acceptable to my personal standards.  I will continue to add data as things move along.

Some pages act currently as the place holder, so you know something is coming.  I do not mean to leave it looking like an incomplete mess, but I want it all to go up and be ready for the data injection.

All the while, I have a show on June 23rd at Slabtown in Portland Oregon.  If you are a Portland resident, you should go and watch me play music as a one-man band kind of deal.

I might even have a guest!  If so, you wouldn’t want to miss out!

Placement (The New Look)

I’m working on making sure that this website’s new look contains more proper data.
Bear with me, while I ensure the quality of material provided is what I wish to supply to the public.