New band coming…

it’s reflected in the bands sub-menu.

the line-up as it currently stands was announced over on Facebook, so i’ll announce it here.

Joe Martinez, Brandon Sills, Grady Pursel, Alex Enquist

at least one or two more pieces have yet to come. we’re ironing out the kinks, and will have something big in store soon here.

December 2013 Update

the work on new material and old begins this week. it’s sort of crazy to say, but when i said if opportunity knocked but decided to walk…
opportunity has come back.

time to prepare.

October 2013 update

As few may know, recently I decided to split from doing my work on The Preserved.  I will miss working on it with how crazy and intense it was for a studio project about to go live, but an opportunity arose in which would have barred me from working on it as regularly as I was working on it.  That’s all I can say on the subject for it.

I have two shows coming up here in Portland.  October 24th at Ash Street and November 1st at Branx.  I plan to do these two shows and then disappear for awhile musically.  The opportunity that arose is why.  If the opportunity falls through, I’m back at square one.  Either way, I think in my spare time, I’ll probably piece all data possible and use the opportunity as a means to get my work more refined and polished, since I would have access to some higher standards type gear than what I own.

It’s sort of sobering to look at the way things have turned out.  As much as the opportunity means going further and doing more than what I”m even doing right now, it’s caused sacrifices to be forcefully made.  It’s made me have to analyze the last few years of being in and out of bands and a studio project involving more than myself in the scheme of things.  It’s made me look at the positives and the negatives, and think deeply on what I’ve wanted to do my entire life.  I have to say if this opportunity successfully launches, it will all be worth it.  If it fails, I have to make sure my contingency plan is ready to go.

Year 15 is starting out so far with such a great high point, with a turbulent moment here and there.

I do look forward to seeing the future unfold now.

As of this very month, October 2013, I’ve made it a very serious point to myself, I can no longer work with other people musically in a band or project unless agreements are made in advance.  I know some people might laugh at the idea, but it is fact, I’ve been in 2 bands, both went very well until their “peak moments” came along and I left.  I worked on a studio project for almost 2 years that created 5 songs and several small demo samples to build from.

I hold nothing against any of those I left behind at this point in my life.  I know they’re all trying their hardest to succeed in music, and the business itself is a cutthroat business, even as an independent artist or a band is concerned.

All or nothing.

Contingency is this: if opportunity fails, 2013/2014 is the 2nd release and we’ll gauge the future off that…

If opportunity knocked but decides to walk…

September 2013 update

The Preserved has been in the studio mode for a bit now, and upon completion of lyrics, we will have 5 songs ready for live shows, and may also be an EP.  However, those details aren’t final, so treat them like a rumor or inconclusive data.

The Brandon Sills Project is also back on the saddle very soon here, with 2 shows coming up.

Random demo clips that I do upload from time to time on SoundCloud should begin posting over on the widget to the left.  Remember to volume-check so you don’t damage your ears.


I’ll have news about BSP and The Preserved posted as it develops.

i’ve not been posting much…

it’s coming to a time where i need to post more but i’ve been inactive most of the time as is because of many things distracting me in life that i sort of need it. i can tell you it’s a pain in the ass to write music when you think about it too much and aren’t just going with what feels right. being diluted with preoccupation in video games or health problems or anything to that regard.
trying my hardest to keep it together really and get back into my groove. but it’s been proving difficult. the bright side is i have my inspiration back a little bit after getting burned out.

let’s just hope that the inspiration doesn’t die off and i get burned out again. that would be a sign i just need a longer break or just need to work on other things for the time.

June 2nd, 2013

It’s been bout a couple months since I have posted.

I’ve recently in the last month quit Ion Storm, and I am still here to support them however I can.

I’ve also been on a short break from doing anything music related because I have a few other things in my regular life that are a bit important to the continuing of making music or getting involved in it.

I do plan to return to it very soon here.  I want to drop an album of my own by the end of the year, if not a short EP.  I’ve got three offers currently to join different bands, which is insane, considering I just quit one.  However, I’m always a bassist it seems, as far as that goes.  I’ve thought about changing it up though, by suggesting either I’m a guitarist or a keyboard player.  Even if my skills aren’t pro on keys, I don’t care.  But, thing overall is, it will be by the end of the summer that I decide if I do any of that, or if  I decide on the solo route.

The weird things that happen when you expect to break for at least two months or so, eh?

I am however, not going to stop toying with things and putting them on YouTube, so pay attention to that.  Also, I am debating whether or not to start hosting certain files off my website again.  If I do, I have the space to roll with it, but, we’ll see.

Also, will be updating the WP theme soon here… to reflect the “now”

Latest Update

it’s been about a month, and I’ve rejoined Ion Storm.  we’ve been hard at work nailing down the new material for live shows, which a LOT of them have been booked well before I came back on.  it’s a great pleasure to be playing bass for them again.

I’ve also been slightly taking it easy on my own work and that of my work with The Preserved to adjust for Ion Storm and the gig schedule.

as things continue to progress, The Preserved will be in action a little more during the coming weeks, while juggling what Ion Storm has in store in the near future.

BSP at the moment is pretty much just noodle around a little and do whatever until something new comes.

I’ll also be updating the menu and sub-sections in due time during the week, with all pertinent information.

Until then, I’m currently giving my back a break for a day before I go back into the fray to wreck it again.  Such is the way of playing bass and getting into it for the first time in a long time, and being more confident with each practice for each song that we’re performing.

February 5th, 2013. News to be told.

Stay tuned… 7 days and counting.  The news will be announced in the evening hours, PTZ (Pacific time zone)

it feels like it’s been awhile…

it really has felt like it’s been too long since i’ve posted about anything substantial, so i’m gonna try my best to make this post count because it’ll be the last one i post for about close to a month or more, as i’m doing things.

first step, The Preserved, the other project I’m doing, is in studio mode on a weekly basis, and we’ve been developing a lot of various ideas that will become either an EP or an LP.  only we know right now.  our first one-off single Nano has already been out for about a couple months, and is coming out on a sampler on February 1st for the extra promo that we need to have happen.  Which mentally will boost our ecomonics when we get the REAL bulk of this project underway.

BSP however, is a different scenario.  There is a one-off single on it’s way in February, without much promo behind it.  This technically will put up two testing theories.  If paying for small time promo works miracles, or if paying for digital distribution on a larger scale works miracles.  All this as far as getting out there to people who might like what either project is doing.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE!!!  more news at some point in February to be announced, depending on how everything goes.  I’ve already had two people begging for information but alas, they, like everyone else, is not getting a shred of info.  Fair is fair when it’s implied that business is business.

Less than a week away! December 2nd, 2012!

it’s coming down to the wire.  if you’re in PDX, get your ass down there on Sunday.  otherwise, you’ll be lucky if i get some decent video and photos and put them up on a separate page.