The Brandon Sills Project

1998 – 20XX

it’s taken a bit to get to handling this website.  i’ve been in delay mode because i’ve been busy toying with a lot of the tools i have available at my finger tips to make new music and new ideas.

i’ve been doing a lot of things to also preoccupy myself when i’ve had days where i don’t feel as creative.

but things are very much alive, and it’s taking it’s sweet time to materialize, but i wouldn’t want to showcase things i don’t feel at least 95% behind.  there’s always room for things to come through that you don’t feel is your greatest work.  nothing is perfect.

expect to see a lot of data population though.  i’m hard at work on it right now.

There are placements for pages up, and little by little, all the necessary data is coming into place.
Please continue to be patient while the website pages and data are populated appropriately.

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